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The Working Strategy of the Turkish-Arab Brotherhood Forum
Vision-Methodology-Administrative Structure

A structure aimed at ensuring coordination between civil society organizations in Turkey and popular and official institutions. Dec. TAK vision: To be the leader in building trust, networking and integration between Arabs and Turks Dec. TAK message: Cooperation and brotherhood between Arabs and Turks for service to the common cause. Dec. Mukaddime: The Turkish-Arab Brotherhood Forum (TAK) was founded during the earthquake that hit the south of Turkey and the north of Syria. Within the framework of TAK, 60 associations, centers, institutions, organizations and companies came together for support and assistance to those affected by the earthquake disaster. Dec.

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24 November
TAK Umrah Program
20 October
TAK earthquake zone visit
18 November
Adıyaman Mayor Visit
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Our Main Goals

  • Leading and leading the way in the integration and rapprochement between Arabs and Turks and the return of the Ummah to its Decrepit state.
  • To provide services to TAK members, to increase their efficiency, to improve their performance and to establish quality measurement systems.
  • To bring together experienced people, academics and immigrant businessmen to benefit from them Decently and to unite their efforts under one roof.

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