This chronological way of reading also means an anachronistic objection, as it tries to point out a factual situation rather than a historical chronology and breaking points about the war and our positioning process. And it guides and proposes a model to walk into the new future with a stronger reality through a vortex that we are all entering together. Also, since the reader is personally a living witness of this process, pure reason will give us the opportunity to test whether it is true or not. Pure reason can also offer an objective reading opportunity here, and even the future can be established through the same method and course, which is my hope and endeavor.

The Syrian civil war has been the main body of the regional agenda for 12 years. In addition to the huge impact it has created inside Syria, it has created a huge global impact, especially in neighboring countries. The civil war that started in Syria in a direction that was drawn exactly in the continuation of the Arab Spring process has ceased to be sustainable today with uncertain processes as well as side effects. Considering the form of initiative taken by global actors in the region during this 12-year period, this war made no sense beyond creating a widespread and deep trauma rather than a transformation of democracy. The Syrian civil war, which has many defeats and no winners, constitutes the main body of the Middle East crisis. The threats it creates for the nearby regions and the spiral of violence, the sustainability of which has completely disappeared, must end now.

In fact, Syria, which has become one of the most traumatic regions of the Arab Spring story with uncertain origins, was a risky region from the very beginning. besides the sensitive regional structure in which it was located, it resembled a powder keg when a religious and sectarian dimension was added to its ethnic and demographic structure, and despite this, the war was exported and turned into the epicenter of a multidimensional proxy war. While financing this war, which will not be won by global powers, their desire was to terrorize the region through war and create structural and insoluble crises by creating stability problems in the region. As long as this war continues in the region, it seems that stability, development, prosperity and security will always be a topic of discussion.

In recent days, extreme approaches have been replaced by reasonable approaches in order to eliminate the widespread traumas of the war in Syria. Since this process and effort are not very desirable from the point of view of structures that want the continuity of the rents and gains created by the tense war process, an intellectual cacophony and information chaos are also deepening. A little bit, the uncertain course of things, the failure to meet the expectations of all parties and actors, everyone is moving away from their existing position, and each change of position makes it more difficult to read the process and get the right situation. Because time and the flow of events; it can bring about changes in the way people, groups and institutions perceive and manage the issue. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, human beings can give up a situation they have done wrong, start thinking differently, have a new point of view. But when the consequences of the Syrian war are viewed in terms of their political impact, this mess creates uncertainty as well as insolubility, since no one wants to take responsibility. When people abandon the responsibility for what they do and say and start talking the opposite, when they blame others and create accusations or create misconceptions about the attitudes they have vaguely revealed, they are moving away from the solution and reality.

For this very reason, the post I shared on my social media account as a Chronology of the Syrian Civil War and based on simple reality and objectivity aroused a lot of interest, and many of my friends requested this chronology from me, and some of them asked me to write it. Considering that the parties define right and wrong based on the situation they are in, I would like to make this chronology written here with the same simplicity, since the events have been classified with integrity and the objectivity effort affects the readers.

This chronological way of reading also means an anachronistic objection, as it tries to point out a factual situation rather than a historical chronology and breaking points about the war and our positioning process. And it guides and proposes a model to walk into the new future with a stronger reality through a vortex that we are all entering together.

There may be those who object to this, and then I will say and deduce from my own point of view. Also, since the reader is personally a living witness of this process, pure reason will give us the opportunity to test whether it is true or not. Pure reason can also offer an objective reading opportunity here, and even the future can be established through the same method and course, which is my hope and endeavor.

  • This war was started with the goal of a regional crisis through the uncertain process of the Arab Spring; it focused on Assad's undemocratic and despotic process, not on a solution in Syria and the region, but on a crisis that will last for a long time; it is WRONG.
  • The Syrian Civil war is a very risky and threatening big one due to the sensitive social, demographic and sectarian structure of the region; it is WRONG.
  • It is WRONG because it is dragging the Muslims of the region, including the Arab Spring process, into a great vortex that they are not ready for; forced conflict and war.
  • This proxy war launched in the heart of the Islamic world is WRONG because it aims to initiate many balances and sensitivities in the region, especially sectarian war.
  • It was the center of a regional crisis targeting Iran and Turkey on the basis of this war, and this is WRONG with its menacing side.
  • Instead of putting forth efforts to search for ways to curb and reasonable ways in the process of formation of tension, instead of the ways of the democratic transformation process, Mr. Davutoglu, certain NGOs and groups have adopted a language that is a party to the war and have made efforts for it, which is WRONG.
  • Muharrir and arifs such as Erbakan Hodja, Cevdet Said, Ramazan Al-Buti, Oguzhan Asilturk, Sezai Karakoc stated that war is a threat that has been removed from the heart of the Islamic World; It is TRUE that
  • To perform feats on TV with the romance of war, to make social media shows and at the same time to tahfif muharris; WRONG
  • The visit of a national visionary delegation at the beginning of the war to eliminate potential war, to recommend prudence and sobriety; strategic, tactical diplomatic meeting; CORRECT
  • Instead of using the National Opinion delegation as a diplomatic opportunity, blaming it internally, externally; accusing it by declaring it an Assad or even a nationalist; is WRONG
  • It is WRONG to trust the parties that brought about the war ( the West ) and especially dysfunctional organizations such as the UN and NATO;
  • To embrace the oppressed people who have taken refuge in our country with the fear of death and the desire to live; it is TRUE
  • But it is wrong to classify this huge migration in accordance with the basic principles of migration policy, according to their profession and abilities, and not to settle accordingly;
  • Uncontrolled mobility of asylum seekers and their spread to every point within the country; WRONG
  • Disturbing the demographic balance of asylum seekers in certain provinces by building population accumulation and creating ghettos; WRONG
  • Not to introduce every asylum seeker into the registered production cycle by not creating a special working and employment order instead of production under stairs in the production system; WRONG
  • Not to make the huge asylum seeker society a part of the sensitive production process of agriculture and industry in the first place and to allow the qualified immigrant society to go from our country to Western countries; it is WRONG
  • The efforts, scholarships and placements put forward to ensure that Syrian young people receive education for the Syria of the future; CORRECT
  • It is WRONG for asylum seekers to create uncontrolled ghettos in big cities;
  • To produce political discourse in such a way as to make foreigners and asylum seekers hostile to asylum seekers; WRONG
  • To increase hostility and feed social conflict through anti-asylum seeker and xenophobia; WRONG
  • The only instigator of this war is power, it means that power brought out the war; it's WRONG
  • We said at the beginning, look, we were right, making politics by saying apologize to us is WRONG;
  • To request the formation of a contact between Assad and the Syrian opposition, without excluding the nature of the struggle, and to make efforts for this and to guide the parties to a reasonable transition process; Dec.
  • During this sensitive period, the wrong intermediaries, and especially allowing Perincek to play a role and allowing him to travel to and from the region; WRONG
  • Using language and taking a position as the absolute owner of the will and decision of the Syrian people; WRONG
  • To make an effort to protect the opposition, the law of struggle; CORRECT
  • Turkey's presence at the border and beyond the border due to security sensitivity; CORRECT
  • A voluntary, safe and dignified repatriation program; CORRECT
  • Being aware that the important thing is to say what should be and reasonably; it is TRUE
  • A new future in which the war is over and a secure process is formed is a need for Syria and for us; it is TRUE
  • It is RIGHT to create a NATIONAL ATTITUDE by going beyond the political in national issues, to take a supportive position (in terms of the relationship between power and opposition) in correct and critical decisions.

The Syrian Civil War has created high costs for the Islamic World, and this is obvious. This heavy experience continues today with these high costs. The uncontrolled steps and romantic novitiate of civilian structures focused on the war process right at the beginning of the process have clearly emerged today along with their costs.

It is also necessary to remind that some muharrirs have entered into a great struggle, especially in order to eliminate the civil war that is blowing like a hurricane in the Islamic world. Especially because of Syria's strategic structure, multicultural and diversity, they have almost torn themselves apart to express that a war that will break out in Syria will bring enormous costs for the Islamic Ummah. If it is remembered, that period was when certain parties were engaged in warlike efforts, and it turned into a widespread discourse in which every anti-war approach was treated as treason and failure to understand the issue. The days when the late Erbakan Hodja stated that Turkey was the target after Iran in a Syrian civil war or invasion and shouted a cautious attitude on this issue were the same days. Just at those days, the late Sezai Karakoc Master had warned the Islamic Ummah by making a similar qualified statement to our Master. After these statements, all the people of irfan, who perceived the war as a threat, were accused of not understanding the realities of the world. Some of them have also experienced the process of exclusion or being hurt by the propaganda rhetoric of global powers.

Master Sezai Karakoc's explanation on this issue seems to be the most beautiful expression of how sensitively they have handled the issue. The master says: " Now the West is telling us that there is bad governance in Syria. There is a problem there between the people and the state, innocent people are dying Dec. You take care of this, you solve it, are you going to watch people die? Of course, Muslims never cruise, but the solution to this issue is not with a gun. It is the pen, not the sword, that will warn that administration. Because if you enter with a sword, the people will be confronted and you will have to kill the innocents again. You will have done the same thing that that state did. This is a trap that has been set for you.”

Master Cevdet Said, our Teacher Erbakan, Master Sezai Karakoc, our brother Oguzhan Asilturk and many scholars have also stated that gradual ways should be tried in accordance with religion and that the path of uncontrolled violence that has emerged is not the right way.

Exactly in accordance with this sober approach, the National Opinion delegation sent to meet with Assad also received its share of this attack. But there is a sensitive point that needs to be expressed here. The visit of this delegation to Assad was not accepted by a dominant audience within the National Opinion in a timely manner. In many sessions where we met with our friends, it was stated that this visit was meaningless, that it was pointless to talk to an oppressor like Assad, and that war was an inevitable necessity and opportunity. Dec. For that reason, today often certain friends of yours -even though they didn't think like this in the past- we said, their language doesn't seem to be the right language. Because in the prevailing climate of that day, the enormous cost of the war and the fact that this war was being waged by Western powers were persistently ignored.

Today, the indisputable need is to eliminate this regional crisis and put forward a sensitive process management. When I witnessed that my friend, an NGO manager who is one of the most persistent sides of the war process and has been in the region for a long time due to NGO work, stated that he has maintained an anti-war approach from the very beginning, it became necessary for us to write this article. Changing the idea is different, it is different for people to believe their own lies by misleading themselves and humanity.

Thank God and God that we prefer to share our idea from open source and through articles, and we are able to speak and write in a consistent manner today because we have given our public and NGO work in this direction. For this reason, this war, which will not have a winner, must be ended quickly. This new process should not interfere with the labor and struggle given and security should be ensured in the region now. Our brothers and sisters should return to their homeland voluntarily, safely and honorably.

I also recommend consistency of opinion to all friends, experts, institutions and organizations. The change in ideas and beliefs is reasonable and explanation is possible. As long as you don't get into an anachronistic delusion…

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