Turkish-Arab Brotherhood Forum (TAK)

The Working Strategy of the Turkish-Arab Brotherhood Forum
Vision-Methodology-Administrative Structure

Who are we?

A structure aimed at ensuring coordination between civil society organizations in Turkey and popular and official institutions Dec. 

TAK vision:

To be a leader in building trust, networking and integration between Arabs and Turks Dec.

TAK message:

Cooperation and brotherhood between Arabs and Turks for the service of the common cause Dec.


The Turkish-Arab Brotherhood Forum (TAK) was founded during the earthquake that hit the south of Turkey and the north of Syria. Within the framework of TAK, 60 associations, centers, institutions, organizations and companies came together for support and assistance to those affected by the earthquake disaster. Dec. At this meeting, where the association, headquarters, companies and institutions were classified, many ideas emerged and as a result of the studies, the following conclusion was reached:

  • Research centers
  • Youth associations
  • Charities 
  • Women's associations
  • Educational and cultural organizations
  • Local associations
  • Professional union organizations
  • Media associations 
  • Businessmen and company organizations
  • Foundations 

The Value System:

  • The lead.
  • Perfection.
  • Quality.
  • Transparency.
  • Honesty.
  • Brotherhood.
  • Information.

The main objectives:

  • Leading and leading the way in the integration and rapprochement between Arabs and Turks and the return of the Ummah to its Decrepit state. 
  • To provide services to TAK members, to increase their efficiency, to improve their performance and to establish quality measurement systems.
  • To bring together experienced people, academics and immigrant businessmen to benefit from them Decently and to unite their efforts under one roof.

Activities carried out by the TAK Forum:

Since the first hour of the earthquake, all the institutions that make up the forum have supported the healing of the wounds of the earthquake with debris removal activities, shelter and food assistance. Since its establishment, TAK has carried out many activities, which we will mention below:

  • The Directorate of Migration Management has coordinated with non-governmental organizations that cooperate with AFAD and Kızılay.
  • He delivered 97 trucks loaded with in-kind assistance to the earthquake zone.
  • 96 million liras of material aid was delivered to the earthquake zones through AFAD and Kizilay. 
  • The Forum, in coordination with the trade unions of the Arab communities residing in Europe, delivered 87 million euros to the earthquake zone through AFAD.
  • A delegation from the forum visited the southern regions of Turkey, met with the AFAD administration, the Red Crescent, regional governors and mayors, and reached an agreement with the authorities on the construction of a container city.
  • The forum has promised umrah to 50 people living in the provinces affected by the earthquake and this promise has been fulfilled.
  • The forum organized an iftar organization in which many founding associations participated during Ramadan, and the chairman of the Red Crescent Antakya, Dr. Ali Cengiz also participated.
  • The forum focused on the areas affected by the earthquake. He has committed to deliver more than 10 libraries on behalf of Fatih Hasaneyn and the books have already been delivered to Istanbul.
  • The forum has promised to build a mosque in the earthquake zone and a plot of land in Hatay has been granted for this mosque. Dec.  
  • The forum has participated in many events related to public life in Turkey.

Why TAK Forumu:

The Second World War separated the heart of the Islamic ummah from its body and led to its division into states, and after a while, humanitarian crises and wars occurred in these countries belonging to the ummah. Millions of ummah children have migrated to Turkey, which is the beating heart of the ummah, in search of safety and security. Over the years, academics, activists, businessmen who migrated here have participated in various civil society activities to protect Islamic culture, the Arabic language, values, cultural heritage, traditions and customs. They were influenced by the Turkish society and influenced the Turkish society. However, the accelerating migrations and the events that caused the sudden increase in migration have caused problems such as lack of communication, coordination, vision at both the official and public levels in Turkish society; it has led to an increase in bullying and racism in some individuals and organizations against immigrants. Therefore, there was a need to create this forum in order to bridge the gap between the "muhajir" and the "ansar" Dec. Based on these facts and the existence of our communities, associations, institutions and centers in Turkey, it is important to establish the TAK forum as the main incubation center for strategic thinking issues. TAK aims to help in decision-making, policy-making, common opinion-making in various fields, building communication bridges with official and popular authorities, non-governmental organizations and relevant people.

The TAK Forum serves a group of stakeholders:

  • Members: (Associations, centers, institutions, foundations and all non-governmental organizations officially registered in the Republic of Turkey and related to the Arab community).
  • Government institutions, decision-makers and policies related to Arabs.
  • Economists, specialized organizations, finance, banks and research centers.
  • A group of researchers and academics.
  • Youth organizations

TAK focuses geographically on Arab countries and expands to cover all Islamic countries according to priorities. The functional (technical) focus includes social, economic, technology and aid issues.

Public policies:

  • It is essential to serve communities and community institutions without discrimination.
  • We believe in the leadership and importance of inter-institutional networking.Dec.
  • We defend and support the Arab presence in Turkey.
  • We are leading the launch of charitable projects that benefit society and the nation.
  • Uuml; We adopt and support all attitudes that support the unity of mmet.
  • We attach importance to innovation in approach and working methods.
  • We believe in the necessity of adapting and keeping up with Arab issues according to the orientation of the ummah.
  • There must be competition in existence and in representation.
  • The association should not interfere in the internal affairs of organizations and TAK member companies.
  • Youth, students and family are our focus.
  • We adopt scientific methodology when presenting the project.


  1. To spread awareness about the problems of the Arab world and the importance of its role in the contemporary global reality.
  2. To provide scientific research programs that serve contemporary social issues.
  3. To give importance to Arabic and Turkish.
  4. To contribute to the equipping of Arab societies with qualified and educated staff in various fields.
  5. To manage the coordination between Turkish and Arab organizations.Dec.
  6. To increase legal and administrative awareness so that Arab organizations established in accordance with Turkish law can take part in the Turkish society with a proper image.
  7. To contribute to reconstruction projects, activities and programs in earthquake zones.
  8. To invite expert Turkish NGOs to be partners in the forum and to work for this.
  9. Encouraging common positive values; making use of people who are enlightened in the sense of ideas, culture and art to enable them to share their experiences.
  10. To expand the educational umbrella in order to make the forum staff qualified.
  11. To make intensive efforts to eliminate obstacles in this context by facilitating the residence transactions of individuals and institutions.
  12. To work to simplify these procedures by acting as a bridge in the procedures related to companies, institutions and associations.
  13. To establish productive partnerships between the private and public economic sectors with the Forum's companies, institutions and associations, such as chambers of commerce, banks, economic organizations, labor union organizations and workers. Dec.
  14. To promote the concept of humanitarian aid, to contribute effectively to the prevention of disasters, to improve the environment and to participate in public life and religious and national events.
  15. To work on the economic empowerment of communities and their members in order to lead a decent life.
  16. To develop the roles of women, young people and students and to pay attention to raising children.
  17. To provide scholarship opportunities by opening opportunities at universities and higher institutes.
  18. To spread the awareness and culture of peaceful coexistence of the members of the communities Dec.


  1. To organize conferences, seminars, forums, workshops and related activities.
  2. To make in-depth strategic analyses on integration issues.
  3. To establish an information and technology center.
  4. To provide studies and technical advice on Arab issues.
  5. To provide networking and coordination with organizations with common goals.
  6. To conduct public opinion research on emigrant problems.
  7. To participate in sports, youth and cultural activities.
  8. To organize training courses in various fields.

The working philosophy of the forum:

The philosophy of our work is that the forum adopts positions that support integration and promote issues of preserving the precious heritage of the Ummah. Moreover, Deconstructing the differences between the components of society as an indispensable approach to solving the problems faced by the forum members is also a part of the working philosophy. In addition, it recognizes the role of non-governmental organizations in initiating programs, adopting partnerships, pays attention to this, and the forum aims to create and strengthen the following foundations:

  • Harmony: The harmonization of values and ideas and the establishment of partnerships and platforms are meant. 
  • Initiative and innovation: The forum needs to lead inspiring networks, create effective blocks in the field of integration, cooperation, science and technology, aid and various activities. 
  • Impartiality: means that the forum and the platforms under its umbrella are completely impartial and do not associate its activity with any activity that contradicts its goals.
  • Professionalism and expertise: It is to create forum platforms on a sectoral basis that guarantee expertise and professionalism by classifying institutions, associations and companies according to their expertise.
  • Populist and socialist: It is meant that the forum uses its platforms for Arab societies and adopts basic community issues to communicate with the public.

The working methodology of the forum: The Forum provides coordination between groups specializing in Arab-Turkish relations and initiates joint projects on issues that need to be resolved, which should be Deciphered according to the expertise of each sector. 

Administrative structure:

The forum structure consists of:

  1. General Assembly: It consists of the associations, institutions, companies and foundations that established the forum.
  2. Board of Directors: Consists of a chairman and 10 assistants:
    1. Vice President in Charge of Coordination Affairs (Secretary General)
    2. Vice President of Law, Anti-Racism and Dispute Resolution.
    3. Vice President in Charge of Education, Research and Development.
    4. Vice President in Charge of Foreign Relations.
    5. Vice President of Media, Promotion and Cultural Convergence.
    6. Vice President in Charge of Family and Children.
    7. Vice President in Charge of Youth and Students.
    8. Vice President for Relief and Humanitarian Affairs.
    9. Vice President in Charge of Monitoring and Supervision.
    10. Vice President for Finance and Economic Affairs.
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